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Download Mr Robot Season 4 Episode 7- Halfway through Mr. Robot’s final season, it’s less clear than ever what sort of endgame we’re moving toward. “Proxy Authentication Required” is a riveting hour, to be sure, with great performances from all the actors involved. But it also forces us to ask – is season 4 more than a series of great individual pieces strung together from week to week? What is this season building toward?

That question – as has been the case for the past few episodes – will have to wait until next week. But at least the distraction in the meantime is pretty great.

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Here, creator Sam Esmail puts together an installment structured as a play in five acts, which focuses exclusively on Vera’s kidnapping and subsequent emotional manipulation of Elliot. Sorry if you were wondering about what happened to Darlene and Dom, folks! It’ll probably be Rami Malek’s Emmy reel, and if he wins, he’ll deserve it for a performance that runs the gamut from rage to desperation to utter and total despair.
“Proxy Authentication Required” is essentially a four-hander between Malek, Christian Slater, Elliot Villar and Gloria Reuben, staged and set-up as though it were a Broadway production. The actors trade off with one another through out, as the scenes are largely set up as extended conversations between various pairs. But each gets distinct moments to shine, as well as satisfying emotional confrontations with one another.

In a season that hasn’t given Slater much to do so far, he’s also a standout here, as Mr. Robot faces down Vera and pleads with Elliot not to look too closely at the past.

“I’m not someone you push around with a gun. I am the gun,” he snarls at Vera.

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Download Mr Robot Season 4 Episode 7